Mascha Furth

Mascha Furth is a dedicated teacher and trainer who specializes in helping individuals enhance their writing and argumentation skills. She offers training programs tailored to professionals in the legal and corporate sectors, including law firms, tax offices, courts, and tribunals.

Unlike her competitors, Mascha wanted to establish an identity that was the complete opposite of rigidity and soullessness. Instead, she aimed for a friendly and human approach that would leave a lasting impression and exude personality. To represent her business, we crafted a vibrant “logomoticon” — a unique combination of a logo and emoticon — that embodies a range of emotions and interactions. This distinctive logo serves as a powerful tool in Mascha’s daily work, transforming complex legal matters into clear and understandable language.

In Dutch, the word “Taal” translates to “language,” which aligns perfectly with Mascha’s focus on communication. This connection inspired the fundamental concept behind the “logomoticon” design: a merging of the two “A”s in “TAAL” to symbolize two individuals engaging in a conversation, a debate, or an interaction. Additionally, the overall shape of the logo draws inspiration from the letter “M” in Mascha’s name, serving as the central point of this dynamic dialogue.

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