Corné & Paul are two young, energetic & passionate dutch farmers from Midden-Delfland.
Initiator of “Delflandse Vlees Meesters” (the meat expert from Delfland), a direct-to-consumer brand selling meat, they wanted to expand by creating a new dutch cheese brand : Delflandse Kaas Meesters (the cheese expert from Delfland).
While being proud of the tradition & heritage of their region, Corné & Paul wished to break with the many clichés of Dutch cheeses, by being transparent, straightforward and a little bit quirky. Being both farmers, working on their land everyday, litteraly getting their hands dirty, the Kaas Meesters Brand had to reflect the hard work put by these two.
A pair of boots, symbol of the everyday work and hard dedication to the product was chosen to represent not only the Brand, but also Corné & Paul. As an invitation to try & enjoy their product.
Paul & Corné have joined forces to create what was really missing in Midden-Delfland: a delicious local cheese. Together they started the adventure to further put Midden-Delfland on the map. A mission of the latest generation of farmers to bring the best of the farming product to consumers.
Few months after having successfully distributed their first batch of cheese wheels, the KaasMeesters decided to produce a premium version of their cheese. We sat again to design the “Delflander”, a premium-looking offer, with more maturity and flavor due to a longer process.

With thanks

Sycamorethree (brand strategy & creative direction)

Corné van Leeuwen & Paul Oosthoek (client)




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