La Rue Palloy
Amaury Fieutelot is a young baker who opened his first bakery back in 2017 in Paris.
Already back then, his ambition was to craft simple products as they should be done. No fancy pastries or crazy croissants interpretation, but just classic french baking done the right way with the right products.
For him, we developed a simple identity, with a retro look & feel. The icon being based on the tiled floor you can see in the boutique.
It did not take long for baguette lovers to discover his work and appreciate his back-to-basics methods offering delicious products, and it was with a guilty pleasure that we saw his business and offer grow.
Along this development, we had to produce more communication items for Amaury, including apparel, instagram content or home-made fresh juice tags (like fresh pressed apples & spinach, you have to try!)
If you’re around, we can only recommend you to visit them. One tip from us: try the flan.

With thanks

La rue Palloy (client)

Amaury Fieutelot (the baker)

Le painrisien (photography)



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